Drawstring Litter Tray Liners

Our much loved litter pan liners are now available in the USA & Canada!
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Jumbo Liners - 10 pk

$ 8.99

Large Liner - 15 pk

$ 8.99

Product Details

Look what’s new!
  • Our brand new drawstring litter box liners are designed to stay snugly in place while your pet scratches their way around the litter box
  • The stylish design features a discreet dark gray colour and fun signature print
  • The disposable plastic is naturally degradable, and lightly apple scented
  • Clean up is so easy – simply lift the sides of the liner, tie the drawstring and pop the whole thing in the trash!
Two Sizes Available
  • Jumbo sized liners – approx. 36in x 19in
  • Large sized liners – approx. 30in x 17in
Our revolutionary litter liners are designed to fit snugly, so they stay in place!
  • Fits most standard size litter trays
  • Naturally degradable, disposable plastic
  • Elasticised for the perfect fit
  • One pack comes with 10 or 15 liners


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Q: What sizes are the Elasticised Litter Tray Liners available in?

A: Rufus & Coco Elasticised Litter Tray Liners are available in Jumbo and Large sizes.

Q. How do I use your litter tray liner?

A. Simply open the elasticised litter tray liner and place around your litter tray and fill will clean litter. To dispose of the liner and waste, lift the liner from the edges, tie the bag at the ends and dispose of it in the bin.


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